• Travis Young

What is the Best Exercise for Fat Loss?

As Personal Trainers, we often get asked what is the best exercise for fat loss.

The answer is – The exercise that you enjoy, and therefore will do consistently in the long term.

Sure, there are arguments for some training types that can burn more fat than others. For example, strength training is very good to increase your muscle mass, which gives you a higher metabolic rate, meaning you burn more fat at rest. Another example is High Intensity Interval Training, as it is proven to burn more fat as you train at a higher intensity, and helps your body burn fat for hours after you stop training, as it takes advantage of EPOC (meaning your body keeps working in the hours after training, because of the high intensity that you trained at.

To be honest, there are plenty of training modalities that can be argued as better for fat loss compared to other training styles. But the biggest point is that you should do what you enjoy! Being consistent and continuing with something long term will have a much bigger impact on your body than the microscopic differences you will get from a different training style. You are much more inclined to train harder, for longer and more often when it is something you enjoy. That is the kind of exercise that you will be doing in 6-12 months time, instead of having to force yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy, which will not last.

So if you like boxing, box.

If you like lifting heavy weights, lift heavy weights.

If you like running, run.

I know that simplifies it, and there’s times you have to do something you don’t enjoy. But overall, just find what works for you, train hard at it and do it often.

That is as much of a training secret as you will find!


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