• Travis Young

Training Intensity

Train like your time is limited. If you only had 3 hours available in a week to train, how would you go about it? You would push yourself to the absolute limit in those three hours, and get as much as you can out of every minute. I’ve seen people that train only two or three times per week, and get more out of those training sessions than someone that trains twice a day, every day.

The big difference is intensity.

You might see some of us trainers every now and then jumping in and participating in a Reborn class. What you will find is, that even though these trainers are fitter than the majority of our members, they do the exact same program, and are absolutely exhausted at the end. That comes down to training intensity. I personally love the challenge of training in a class, knowing that people are looking over their shoulder at the ‘fit trainer’, and there is a bit of a target on my back, as if people see you slacking off they will remember that, and all of a sudden you aren’t the super fit trainer they thought you were.

What does training intensity mean??

During a strength class – that means lifting the heaviest weight you can for 8 reps, maybe even getting spotted for the last two reps. Instead of choosing a weight that you could probably get 12 reps with.

During a circuit class – that means starting each round on time and not finishing until the timer hits 0, instead of only working hard when the trainer is looking. It means picking the hardest variation of an exercise that you can do, instead of the easiest variation that you think you can get away with.

It means stepping up and doing the sessions that you find the hardest for that exact reason – because they are hard! Your body responds to the stimulus you provide it with, so the harder you push yourself during a session the better your results will be!

Why do some people do one of our challenges and get amazing results, and others don’t really change that much? A lot of that has to do with nutrition, admittedly, but it also comes back to the intensity that people train with. Anyone can follow a program, but someone who follows it and trains themselves to their limits every time, will get much better results than someone who just ‘gets through’ a training session. It’s no coincidence that the people that win our weight loss challenges are the ones that we see ripping into sessions every time they train. Those that just go through the motions and expect that to be enough are often left disappointed.

Ill go back to the same point I used before – picture your training time as limited and get the most out of those sessions that you can. Don’t just survive through a class, push yourself to your limit, then you will see fantastic results!

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