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Tracking Your Wellness


Does anyone find it funny that in the fitness industry we are all constantly tracking our calories burnt in our training sessions through heart rate monitors, tracking our steps per day on our watches or tracking our food through my fitness pal etc, yet we don’t track our mental health or wellbeing?

Most challenges you see focus on fat loss and muscle gain and there is nothing wrong with that at all, why? Because its measurable and gives you a great idea of where you are at, well so it seems. I agree it gives you a correct measurement of your current situation compared to the last time you took those measurements but is there more to it then just muscle gain and fat loss?

You talk to people who have changed their lives through introducing physical fitness and healthy eating habits and a very large percentage of them will speak about how happy they are, how its changed their lives and its the best they have ever felt. Amazing right?! Well when you start to ask more questions and dig deeper you get more interesting answers like… What else has changed for you apart from your fat loss and/or muscle gain? You hear people answer with things like, “i'm happier, more positive, i’m sleeping better, less stressed, my anxiety or depression has gone” etc etc.

Now the above are all massively important and impressive changes yet we don’t log them so we can look back at how far we have come. Let me explain why I think this is important. Lets say you take on a challenge and when you go to weigh out at the end of the challenge you haven’t done as well as you thought you would have on the scales, a lot of of people are then disheartened or instantly have a drop in motivation because they think they have failed. Wrong!! I call bullshit on that, why? Because you went into this weigh out happy, positive and thinking you had done well meaning you had a shift in your mentality during the challenge because you had become a happier and/or more positive person. That number on the screen does not dictate to you how you should feel.

Now imagine if each week I got you to log things like hours of sleep per night, muscle soreness, stress levels, feelings of anxiety or depression and you this every week during the challenge. At the end of the challenge before you weigh out I give you all the weeks of your surveys in one little table and it shows your happier, your sleeping better, your less stressed and your anxiety has dropped. You would feel pretty fucking good about yourself, you could sit back and say wow how I feel right now compared to when I started, i’m a new person because of this lifestyle I have created for myself. Impressive hey?

Now I will leave you with this, does the weigh out number matter as much then as you thought it did? 

Have a great week, smile, do things that make you happy and see you soon.


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