• Travis Young

The Real Truth to the PT Life

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

The Intro -

There is a massive misconception that Personal Trainers live a life of luxury with flexible work hours, coffee dates, days at the beach, training whenever they like etc etc.

Well as I sit here right now I’m calling bullshit on the whole lot!! Personal Training as a job has one of the shortest length spans out of most industry’s due to this misconception. Every year a massive influx of young kids that have naturally fit and attractive bodies (due to youth not training) walk into the industry after completing a course that took them a few days on line and all of sudden believe that they deserve to be able to train who they like, set their own pay rate and that everyone should train with them forever!!

Unfortunately the misconception has led way too many of these young “guns” to fall short and eventually drop out of Personal Training as a career and its for a massive concoction of reasons but the main ones include:

Reason One –

PT’ing is considered and seen as a service industry, you get paid for what you “do” and nothing more than that. You don’t get paid for what you think you deserve therefore what you actually make and take home each week is a direct reflection of your work ethic and your capability of keeping clients accountable to their sessions. This is where a lot of trainers fall down as they let their clients cancel a few times because they see it as opportunity to go have coffee or train themselves seeing it as a short term win but not understanding its going to create a long term loss. The longevity of that client training with you will be dramatically shortened due to poor results from inconsistency and then the blame game starts, was it your type or training or their canceling, were they doing enough outside your sessions and actually taking your advice or not? Truth is you will never know, but you have given them a reason to blame you, end of story. #lostclient

Reason Two -

Along with PT’ing being a service another truth in the PT life is that what your providing is actually “a luxury”. Think of hair dressers as an example, they are a necessity because eventually everyone has to get their hair cut. Think of dentists and doctors, they are needed and used by all of us because they serve a purpose to fix a problem in our lives meaning they are a necessity. PT’ing does not fall in this category because it’s not seen as “needed” as much as a weekend out drinking is “needed”!! How ironic, I can’t afford a PT session but I can afford to spend the whole weekend out drinking… but that’s another story for another time! Doing PT is something you choose to do when your prioritise how much you need it in your life. If you need the accountability and need to improve your health then technically you need to look at PT as a necessity but unfortunately when it comes to saving for a holiday or to buy a house etc normally its PT that gets pushed aside and the trainer loses a client, its just the truth. #anotheronebitesthedust

The Wrap Up -

The Truth to actually being a good PT and making PT a successful career choice lie’s in the longevity and experience your willing to put in over time. How good a PT you become is directly on you and your willingness to work hard and bide your time in the industry. Learning from your mistakes and especially learning from your client loss's is a massive personal tool you can use to improve and develop as a trainer. Your work ethic to do PT sessions, be open minded on techniques, cues, programs etc, and also your relationships with your clients including the CARE factor. If there is no care why would a client want to stay long term with you without feeling the relationship connection?! #whereisthelove

In short if you think the PT life is all rainbows, coffees, beaches and down time then think again because it’s tough, gruelling early mornings and late nights so strap yourself in for the ride and if your persistent and consistent then you’ll have the career that you’ll thrive in and love!! Be willing to learn, work hard and accept that we all have to start somewhere and the sense of achievement of building something special with your clients is an amazing reward for helping change lives! #lifechanger


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