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The Beauty of One Step


I’m a sucker for long punishing sessions and I have worked out why that is now. I love the feeling of accomplishing something you thought you could not do. So often do we set out to do things in life that are easy and we don’t end up doing them. Why? Because more than not if its easy and within arm reach we attack it with too much complacently and end up becoming lazy and not actually doing it or achieving what we set out for.

Thats why a friend and client of mine many years ago mentioned the “unrealistic goal setting method” where you pretty much set a goal your passionate about that seems to you to be unrealistic and then spiderweb your way to the bottom for the little steps. Let me give you an example with money as its the easiest to explain.

What if I said I wanted to earn $1 million a year doing my exact job as a personal trainer right now. I would divide $1 million into the amount of weeks I anted to work per year so lets say 50 weeks, this would mean I have to earn $20,000 per week. Then lets say I want to work 38 hours per week that means I need to make $526 per hour.

Nows the fun part, you work out what you can do to make that money per hour. Weather you have to get corporate sessions, start group training, employe other trainers etc. But what it does is give you a clear small goal which is much less confronting then the big overall goal and much easier to target.

Now lets use training as the same example. Some of you may want to run a marathon or climb Everest or put on 10kg of muscle or lose 10kg of fat. Pick exactly what you want even if it seems out of reach and impossible and break that shit down so you know what amount of work and training and recovery and foods you need to eat every day to give you the best chance at achieving this massive goal your after.

The aim of the game is one foot in front of the other and as long as you know your overall goal and your very clear on whats needed on a daily basis to get there then all you need to do is tick the small box’s to work your way up towards the big overall box. Once you tick that one it will be your big moment where you feel so amazing for accomplishing something you never thought possible.

Chase your dreams and take the first step.

Remember to have a great week, smile, do things that make you happy and see you soon,


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