• Travis Young

Take Responsibility.

You are a direct reflection of your actions.

We all need to stop making excuses and take responsibility for our own situations in life.

If you own every mistake it makes the process of dealing with the situation so much easier. If you put the blame on others for your own misfortunes that doesn’t allow you to grow from the issue.

Inevitably you will end up playing “the victim” of life where you let life and its hard times dictate how you live.

Take responsibility for your mistakes. Understand you have control of your situation.

We believe that 90% of your life is in your complete control, 10% of your life you have no control over. Not the other way around.

A big event could happen to you and it is how you react before and after that often makes the big difference.

When put in situations that are unfriendly to your goals, health, family, personal life or career, remember you had control of the steps leading up to that situation and you have complete control of how you react.

Here is a couple of examples:

“I didn’t wake to go to the gym because my friend wanted me to go out so I HAD TO STAY OUT with her” — No, you didn’t wake up because you made a poor decision to stay out and put friends night out before your own health.

“Everyone was eating pizza so I did” — There are so many options for healthy food no matter where you are now not only in restaurants but now with deliveroo and uber eats the excuses can stop. All it takes is self control and a bit of strength to tell people you are eating something else.

“Johnny wanted to have a beer but had no one to drink with so I had to help him out” — thats Johnny problem but really you wanted to have the drink and used Johnny boy as the scapegoat for your decision.

You start at a new gym and you come in overweight from living a poor lifestyle and you are in need of a desperate lifestyle makeover. Being excited and keen to make up for the last 3 years of inactivity you over train, under eat trying to fast track your way back to a “healthy lifestyle”. 1 month in and your body breaks down and you get injured in a class.

Now whose fault is that?

Yours. You got yourself in the position of being overweight from the poor lifestyle. (not from work stress, bad friends etc. you got there from your own poor decisions).

You then tried to get the quick fix in 4 weeks instead of adopting a healthy lifestlye. (Note if you can’t see yourself doing it in 6 months time, it isn’t a ‘lifestyle’).

The next decision you make is how to react to the injury.

Here is what I have seen most of the time. The book of excuses as to why you cant stay healthy.

“I cant train AT ALL so I’m going to STOP for a month or more…” I call bullshit. There is ALWAYS A way to train. It doesn’t mean you have to flog yourself in a HIIT class, you can work around your injury and keep moving.

A month rolls around and all you have done is put all the weight you lost in the month straight back on and some more because you couldn’t keep making healthy decisions while you weren’t not training.

Training and healthy eating don’t have to come hand in hand. You can train little and have a great diet and you will still be healthy and you can also train lots and have a moderately good diet and still be reasonably healthy. Its not all or nothing.

So take responsibility for your poor actions — every single one of them — because if you do then you can learn to grow and become better in all areas of your life.

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