• Travis Young

Start Now.

What are you waiting for?

Are you the person who says:

“I’m waiting for the timing to be right”

“Next week I’ll start”

“I’m just waiting for things to slow down”

I’ve got news for you, there is NEVER the perfect timing. “Next week” will pushed to “the week after” and things might slow down but there will be another excuse to take its place.

Life is fast, life is tough and life is relentless. You have to take it to life head on and take it “by the balls” so to speak. It wont wait for you and before you know it you will be “too late” or “too hard”.

Lets start with talking about training. I hear the above excuses every week. But it is often followed by “I know I should start”…. What are we all waiting for? Its never easy to start training but all you have to do is START. Everyone has their first day, everyone struggles in the gym and everyone finds it difficult but they are all getting better every time they step foot in the gym.

You’re not going to get fit in a day, or get “skinny” after 1 meal. It takes consistency but with that you are rewarded with results and from experience the results that are the hardest to get are the ones that are the most worth it.

What about that business idea you have?

There is no such thing as PERFECT timing. You just have to start. Give it a crack if it fails you will learn how to be better. I once Renovated the gym with a new mezzanine the same week I was having a baby all because it was the only time the builders could fit it in, if I had have waited for the perfect time I would still be waiting. Something always comes up..

Same advice for business as for training just start.

Now another familiar topic I see many people is avoiding is healthy nutrition. What are you waiting for? The cravings for all that delicious naughty food to go away? Believe me they don’t but you have a choice every meal. Do you start now or procrastinate to the stage where it becomes a real health issue?

My advice is simple. Start now.

Get in the race now or forever wait for the right time and watch life happen without you giving yourself the chance to reach your potential.

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