• Travis Young

Misconception of NRL Players

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Let’s be completely honest from the start and state the obvious, on average across the board NRL players get a bad wrap from the public. The problem is when it comes to all things off the field, like anything there is always two sides to stories but often with NRL players we only get to see one side. We can only see what we are allowed to see and thats been chosen by the media.

The media control what we all see and hear and in doing so they literally control what we think of the people they talk about. Some may argue that NRL players are idiots and can’t behave themselves etc etc, which I can see why they say that but only because i read the papers they read and watch the news they watch. The truth is the media tend to portray NRL players over time to look more like the naughty kid that acts up in class when in real fact the teachers don’t see the kid helping others while their backs are turned to the blackboard! #mediacontrol

My opinion on NRL players is based off the same guidelines that all my opinions are made on everyone else in life which is of my own personal experience with that person if i ever get to meet them.

I’m lucky enough to have known and met a range of NRL players from a wide range of clubs, from some of the most elite and best to ever play the game, all the way to the names that don’t quiet hit first grade. What I’ve found on most occasions is that the media paints a picture of a player which obviously is one side but unfortunately the other side we don't get to see. Based off what I'm shown by the media my thoughts on that player is probably going to be that he's an idiot or a bad person or something negative. #suckshey

What some players do behind the scenes is amazing, from helping charities to family’s to school visits to creating their own programs for communities. What people don’t realise is a lot of it is done off their own back and not organised by the clubs or NRL and on a lot of occasions the players themselves don't go out of their way to make it public knowledge that they are doing all these nice and positive things for others. They don't fish for compliments on the good things they do and therefor its not reported by the media, but yet they don't fish for negativity either and it is reported so how does that work? #confused

The media has one job, to create a movie with so much drama that it draws us all in and a bad guy always draws the biggest story. Negativity is written all over our papers and seen on our screens because it’s what gains attraction and gets the views. Next time you watch the news do up a tally and give a negative or positive to every story on the news and see which column fills up. #obviouswinner

I've witnessed first hand players giving rep jerseys signed to fundraisers, taking time out of their weekends to attend charity events or visit special fans. What players do from a positive perspective is massive and impacts the people they directly see in such a positive way that they love that player forever because they took time out of their day to talk to them.

NRL players aren’t given a fair playing field in the story’s covered by the media so before judging players based off one story that may be reported, have a little closer look into their social media and some of the things they do outside of whats covered by the media. A lot of the good things they do will never be seen and rarely heard about but maybe we should all save our judgement of these players until you hear what they are really like away from football and not jump the gun so to speak. #dontjudge

It's hard to ignore the media but please take the time to understand that these players are people also. The slip ups that every day people have doesn't get covered all over the papers so you have to feel for them when they have eyes on them everywhere they go.

The conclusion is simple, don't believe everything you read and also don't judge a book by its cover. For every one player that might slip up there are hundreds of others that are doing good things for not only the game but as people for after they finish football also. You may be surprised who you find to be some of the most caring and giving in the game. #dropthemic


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