• Travis Young

New Years Resolutions.

Everyone has them.

Everyone wants a fresh start and a clean slate.

Everyone vows to do bigger and better things in the New Year but how many of those people actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions?

I have personally heard and seen many people make New Year’s resolutions but rarely do I see people follow through with hitting the target.

But I thought I had better do some research and see what the internet had to say about the topic.

“Statistics Say Half Your New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Last Six Months”

“It’s old data, but a 2002 study showed that while 29 per cent of resolutions didn’t last two weeks and 36 per cent were done within a month, a full 54 per cent of people surveyed had given up their moonshot attempts within six months. We can reasonably assume that the earlier drop-outs had made resolutions that were straight-up unfeasible to keep, but any resolution doesn’t have a 50 per cent chance of lasting at least until July.”

“Unfortunately, change is also hard work. Really, really hard work. This is why even though many of us wake on January 1 truly believing this is the year we will make the big change we’ve dreamed of, very few of us actually achieve our resolutions.”

“Research suggests only about 8 per cent of those who set new year’s goals achieve them.”

Despite peoples best intentions and initial burst of enthusiasm, too often, old habits die hard. Motivation fades after a week or two and before long we’ve slipped back into our old ways.

You know how it goes, you sign up at the gym in January, but come March you just don’t have the time because work/family/new episodes of House of Cards get in the way. I see it EVERY YEAR.

So like the gym gear gathering dust bunnies under your bed, your resolutions are forgotten until next year.

But why is it so difficult to nail these goals? Well this is what I believe people are doing wrong. They have the the resolutions and goals but they don’t know how to plan to action towards getting their goals.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. To plan your year, month, weeks and days. It sounds daunting and time consuming but trust me the hours you spend setting goals and planning your year pays dividends come 365 days from now.

I know this because I have been the person who says “this year I’m going to make a change”- “this year will be my year”. Wishing the past year away vowing that the New Year was going to be a game changer…. All this said I wrote nothing down and planned nothing. What else was I to do other than revert back to the same old habits, but I was delusional as I expected a different outcome to the year before without making any changes.

For the last 2 years I have written goals, told those close to me what they were to help me be accountable, put a plan to each goal and actioned them out, most of them with daily steps towards hitting the big end goal.

Lets wind back the clock and see where I was 3 years ago. I had lost my business, I was in 30k debt and I had NO CLUE what I was going to do for my next dollar. No goals, no plans, no drive.

After a few too many big nights I wound up in rehab for drugs, alcohol and gambling. In rehab is where I was able to take step back, look at my life and realise how to do things differently. I started writing down goals I wanted to achieve each week. When I was a few days away from leaving I wrote a few goals to keep me pushing through the next 3 months to help me just stay on the straight and narrow.

I made it through the 3 months, hit most of my goals and failed some within the timeframe I gave myelf, but they would stay on my goals until I hit them or adjusted them accordingly to suit what my other new goals were. (Note: failing is just a lesson, you take more away from failures than most successes).

Back to the present and my life has completely changed, I would consider myself successful in hitting my goals and changing my life. Many factors have helped me along the way but what I believe has helped me achieve success after rehab is the willingness to make change by eliminating the things in my life that didn’t benefit me in a healthy manner, and by setting goals. I write goals every week to achieve every day. They aren’t huge tasks daily but when you put them together at the end of a year it can really add up to be an extremely successful year.

I want to help anyone who is willing to put time into themselves and action out plans to have the best year possible.

Here is what I recommend you do:

Write 4 title headings:

Health and Fitness- These goals are what will help you stay motivated to get up early to get to training and push yourself that title bit harder each session. Examples. 10km fun run, triathlon, get below x amount of body fat etc.

Financial- we spend 2/3 of our life working so lets make it enjoyable. Set goals regarding how much you want to save, what targets you want to hit for your company or for the business you work for. (If you work for a company and want to achieve bigger things than your current position then work out some goals that could show your boss just how valuable you are to the company) examples: Save 10k, tick all goals to get promotion etc.

Family- Holidays with those close to you is always a special time — this is what I think of when I write goals for my family

Personal- Think of what you want to do JUST FOR YOU. I use bucket list goals and things that make me a better person. Example — read 10 books, Run the New York Marathon

I would write 3 or more for each topic. I have written 6 for each but will add a few as the year progresses and so will my goals.

I then break these goals down to the days when I would like to achieve them and put in a action plan that I can work towards it weekly some even daily. I just tick the needle forward every day.

The biggest tip I can give you about setting goals is to make sure you use the SMART method.


(Putting a number and time frame on your a goals is so important to help keep you accountable)

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