• Travis Young

Motivated Consistently?

Maintaining your training motivation can prove to be one hell of a tough gig if you're not emotionally invested in what you're trying to achieve. What you're trying to achieve also needs to be not only realistic but has to include stages that will create drive for you emotionally so you can be connected and invested in what you're doing to keep you both accountable but also motivated to reach each small step in the process to the big overall goal.

A lot of the time you will see people sporadically training and normally it's due to a lack of direction. Without “direction”, “need” and a most importantly “why”, motivation simply does not exist. Break them down individually and not only will you understand exactly why you are doing what you are doing but how you can maintain it long term to become a habit which will be as normal as brushing your teeth. 

Direction -

Lets jump straight in and start with “direction” to kick it all off. Direction can be used loosely to make people feel good about themselves like they understand exactly where they're going in life when in fact they are more like an Uber driver in a new city with no GPS and they are just simply guessing how to get from A to B (Travis loves that saying!). You can say you are taking the right steps to heading towards your goals etc. but until you in fact write down what you want and simplify it you won’t be able to start laying the small bricks to building the big castle.

Zoom in on one goal and target it, direct your lifestyle to suit it, make the neccessary changes needed to make it work and build the confidence that every day you stick to the plan is another day closer to your overall goal. This is what builds not only natural motivation but what I like to call subconscious motivation. You're so fixed on the small details that you naturally build motivation and progression towards something which is what everyone needs to maintain a level of motivation. Through repeating the same steps to achieve these small goals you start to do these subconciously meaning it becomes habit! Once you achieve your goal through this you can re-evaluate, re-set and start the steps to your next small goal.

Need -

Now that you understand which direction you want to head in we have to work out what you “need”. Need isn’t usually discussed when talking about training motivation as the word normally used with everything in society now is actually… “want”. Everybody “wants” to be massive like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or to play soccer and have the skills like Cristiano Ronaldo but do you “need” to or just “want” to be like them? If you need to do something the need becomes the motivation and usually in most cases the need then goes hand in hand with the “why”. Think of need and why as if they are two people in a relationship. They are very similair, share the same interests and in fact they appreciate each other, help support each other and most importantly drive each other to improve and move forward. To simplify, if you “need” to work more hours to support your family and keep food on the table then thats the reality of the situation. If you need to stay fit and healthy to run around with your kids and support them then there you have it, you have your need and also you now have your why!

Why -

“Why” do you need to train? They can be simple answers like to live longer, to play sport with your kids, to be a good example to your family. It may also be more advanced like to run a marathon or tick off a sporting achievement you have been leading up to for a long time, but dont get it twisted the “why” is our engine in life, we look for it when we are down and out and we use it to drive ourselves through tough times to come out the other side. 

We see people every day accomplish amazing things and overcome massive hurdles through their “why”. Why do you need to get up at 5am every day, why do you work on weekends for extra cash, why do you eat healthy in front of your kids, why do you put yourself through exhausting events to help others? These are all questions that have answers that are based off why. I get up at 5am because I do it for my kid's future (motivated through the why), I work weekends for extra cash so I can buy my dream house (motivated through their why), etc. 

Why, need and direction… they are all a reflection of ourselves as people and our personalities. People who dont work hard, usualy don’t train hard, it’s as simple as that. Everyone should should write down their why, need and direction and your motivation will be seen crystal clear. If you're someone who doesn’t have any motivation or consistency, then chances are you dont have the answers to these three words so write them down and use them to your advantage to become more consistently motivated and enjoy your new lifestyle. 


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