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It's useless, feels gross and helps no one. 

I believe jealousy is one of the ugliest traits to have. I have seen it everywhere: in sports, school, business, in the gym and even amongst family. 

But we are all guilty of feeling this way. 


I believe when someone is jealous of another it is really about their own insecurities. If they believe that they cannot achieve what the other person has achieved then its easier to chop down the success with their own reasons why that person achieved what they did. It is often referred to as the “tall poppy syndrome”.

All that does is make the jealous party falsely feel better about themselves. Its an excuse that allows them to feel comfortable for not being willing to put in the hard work to achieve the success.  

There are 2 ways to become the tallest building in the city. Build the biggest building. Burn all the other buildings. I hate jealousy. I hate being jealous and I hate seeing it. It's something that I have let go of just like any other toxic element in my life like bitching or making excuses. 

How I now see it, is if someone is successful at something that I am also trying to achieve, then that is the challenge. That's the standard that I can strive for and if someone else can do it then so can I. I love seeing people succeed, even other gyms in the area because if another gym is doing well that means they are giving great value to their clients which means they are helping people change lives for the better. In the big picture the more happy and healthy people that live in the area the better, as these are the people we interact with every day or the parents of the kids that go to the same school as my own. 

How do you prevent yourself from being jealous?

I’ll use an example I have seen in time and time again and if you find yourself being the person talking like this or being a part of a group and you hear this then walk away or have a look in the mirror. I have seen groups of women talk down about another ladies success in the fitness industry using comments like “ all she does is train” and “I could do that but I have a life too”. Well all I hear is JEALOUSY of the INCREDIBLE results from someone who has worked HARD and committed to her goals  - something that these gossip ladies couldn’t do. 

Yes we all live different work lives and have different schedules, BUT we all have the same amount of hours in each day. What it really comes down to is what you prioritise your time to. 

So if someone wants to work on themselves and make dramatic lifestyle changes to benefit their own life then that only deserves praise. Not the ugly comments of a few that are too lazy and full of excuses that stop them getting those same results themselves.

Rather than trying to bring people down we should all be trying to raise each other up. 

Jealousy is a reflection of insecurities. 

I want you to reverse your thinking when you next feel those jealous thoughts coming on. 

I want you to be proud of that person and what they have achieved, look further into what actions that person has undertaken to achieve those incredible results and I’m sure you're going to find a tough journey. 

There is no such thing as “overnight success”. Before that night was thousands of hours of hard work put in to get that person the opportunity to become successful.  

So if you see someone succeeding in any area of their life, be happy for them, be proud of them and I guarantee the more you give praise for peoples successes the more you will get in return. 

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