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How Music Motivates Us

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

So you're sitting at home and don’t really feel like training, you're kicking stones and asking should I go to the gym or should I stay at home? Eventually you drag your ass in the car and start driving to to the gym a little un-enthused. What you need to realise is…. BOOM the magic can start here if you want it to! Why you may ask? Well music is proven to do amazing things to your mood, to your emotions, your attitude and pretty much everything else!! If you're selective enough when driving to the gym you would throw on one of your favourite bangers (best upbeat track ever) and get the party started before you arrive just to get the mind flowing, awake and stimulated. 

There has been plenty of studies to show the science behind how music helps affect us when we train. It's been proven that listening to music significantly reduces fatigue compared to if you don’t listen to music. What was also proven was that it didn't matter what type of music it was as long as it was music that the individual liked and therefore gave a state of distraction to their brain from the physical activity being performed. This creates more calmness with breathing, a more relaxed body and therefore less fatigue due to reducing the perception of effort. 

My personal belief and experience with music and training is that the music should match your training. Regardless of how you're feeling if you're trying to finish a high intensity session and train literally the hardest you possibly can then a high tempo playlist between 120–140 beats per minute will give you continuous drive and motivation for when you start to get tired. Everyone knows that your body gives up way before your mind does, so keeping your mind strong, stimulated and driven by a high tempo playlist will give you the mental edge to keep with that pace!

When it comes to motivation before training just like mentioned at the start music is great to create the mood you need leading into your session. Match your music before to what you need during. For example you wouldn't listen to techno music then walk into a yoga session! Match the music with the intensity of the session and get your “match fitness" or "match warm up” before you get there so mentally you're getting in the zone.

Personally I think music is one of the most important parts of motivating me to train. Shit music can result in shit results, as much as we don't like excuses, having any positive attribute in your training schedule can only be good for your drive and motivation so make sure you are happy and driven by your selection.

My top tips to getting motivated with music are: 

1. Get good ear phones so you can listen to your music anywhere you go

2. Select a good music provider like apple music or spotify

3. Create your own playlist of your favourite songs or select an already made playlist from the browser that you love and follow

4. LISTEN TO IT… sounds funny but you have to listen to the lyrics or get involved in the beat to use that music as a distraction from what your doing and also as motivation to keep pushing hard

5. Keep changing it up by adding new songs or searching for new playlists, if you get bored of the music you get uninterested in training also

6. Last One….. THE ZONE!! Enjoy it, dance and sing. Let the music motivate you!! You will see people that are training hard are often bopping away to the music or nodding their head and singing under their breath, I call that THE ZONE. They are listening to the music, engaged to it and what it's doing is motivating them to be present in that moment

Use music to your advantage, get motivated and stay motivated through good tunes and enjoy your training!


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