• Travis Young

Get Out Of Your Own Way.

What’s holding you back from your goals?






Nope. None of them are the real underlying problem which is holding you back.

The ONLY thing holding you back is YOU!

If you break down all of the above “excuses:” we tell ourselves every day then I guarantee you will find a your way to the root of the problem which is always yourself. We can alway better ourselves , we can always make decisions that will improve our situation but rarely do I see people who are actually willing to make sacrifices along the way. Believe me no matter how well you plan or organise a big goal things never go exactly to plan. You will be asked to make some sacrifices, and you can either prevent yourself from getting the job done OR you can GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and just get it done.

If time is holding you back then you aren’t prioritizing your time correctly. We all have the same number of hours in our day. We all are guilty of wasting time on something, find what it is and eliminate or minimise it by putting a time limit on it. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, don’t watch Married at First Sight, don’t sit on your phone for 45min every afternoon. Find where you’re losing time and put the right actions in play to better yourself and get closer to hitting your goals. This I believe is the biggest reason we can’t get out our own way is where we spend our spare time.

Do you have those family that are telling you that you need to do this that and the other? Back your gut instinct. There is something about your gut instinct that is always right — believe in yourself. If you believe it is the right thing to do and it will make YOU happy then go get it. Our loved ones generally play devils advocate as they don’t want to see you fail or get hurt but thats YOUR decision to make. So even if your family is holding you back its still your decision about what you want to do.

We all have friends that help us out and benefit our life. and we all have (or had) those friends that drag us down. Now its your decision whether you LOWER to the level of those ‘friends’. Its your choice if you want to continue to degrade yourself by being tied to these people. Its not their fault that their dramas spill into your life, its your fault you let their issues become yours. Take responsibility for your actions too, loyalty can sometimes blind you around these bad friends but your have to realise whats best for you and get out your own way to make the tough decisions of eliminating or minimising time with these types of friends.

Work can be tricky but I still believe if you feel like you are being held back by work then maybe you’re not in the right job. Its easy for me to say as I love what I do but in saying that you too could be doing what you love — its your choice of what you do for a living. If you want a new career then get out of your own way and go after it. Double down on what your passions are and put in the hard work. If your product matches your enthusiasm then the product will sell itself. Trust in the process but you have to get out of your own way.

Injured and can’t train? Sprained ankle? Sore elbow? Hmm well I have just seen on youtube a girl with no arms do a barbell clean of 70kg, another girl with 1 arm clean 100kg, a man with no legs complete a marathon, multiple male and females doing chin-ups from their wheel chairs. So unless your’rephysically stuck in a bed you should never have the excuse of not being able to train; the human body is an incredible vehicle. Stop the excuses of why you cant train and get OUT OF YOUR WAY, THERE IS ALWAYS a way to train. It might not be the EXACT way you want to train but I believe to tick the needle forward a little bit is better than not ticking it forward at all. Now remember training isn’t just for that perfect body! It is just as important if not more important for your mental health.

So whats your excuse for not being where you want to be? Is it your past, your parents, your partner or are you just not making the right decisions in life to better your future? Get out of your own way and make decisions that will benefit you and take action on your life.

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