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Following the Programs


This weeks blog I thought I would open up on a topic that all trainers witness on nearly a daily occurrence which is clients or members not properly following the programs designed by the trainer or trainers. I know this is a topic I am writing as a trainer and want you all to have open minds that this is what we see from our side of things.

The funny thing about this topic is it opens up debate from many different angles but I’m going to try tell you the reason behind why trainers get frustrated with people not following programs. When we design programs they serve a purpose to an overall goal. Some programs, dependent on the goal, may include certain movements or exercises that need repetitive attention for the goal to be achieved. For an easy example lets use running, you don’t see a normal running program include weekly swimming because it doesn’t serve a purpose to the overall goal which is to run faster. What you will see is a lot of running though, so if you sit there saying your sick of doing the same thing (running) then its probably not for you.

I want to link the above to an example in the gym now. If we as trainers create 14 exercises designed for fat loss and/or lean muscle gain using effort and intensity and weight in these movements, then you change 4 of them to exercises you like, say, ab exercises and you do this every time you come to the gym, will you then get a true indication of if our program worked for you? No you wont. Sometimes there is cause for repetitive exercises also to gain the overall goal, for example they may be flexibility and mobility exercises so when you lift weights you have more range of movement to improve your lifts and therefore become stronger and less injury prone. If you change these out for something else then a different area like your lifting will suffer. Its all part of the overall program.

As professionals it is our job to design programs that get you what you are looking to achieve. If you follow our programs and our guidelines with other things like nutrition etc and you don’t get the results then thats on us which we then need to look at to fix. Unfortunately though the fitness industry is stuck currently in a state of doing what we “like” and not what we “need” to get our results. Again this is dependent on what you “want” as your goals.

Lets say you “want” to train to feel good mentally and physically, its not about numbers on scales its about going to train and sweat and leave feeling really good. I know many people that do this and its fantastic, they are feeling great, not stressing, enjoying training, its part of their lifestyle and they are normally happy which is great.

Now lets say you have a specific goal in mind, maybe its losing 20kg or gaining 5kg of muscle but when you go to the gym you change exercises you don’t like for ones you do. Thats not going to get you what you want as your adjusting the program to what you “like” and not what you “need”.

The exception to all of this is injury. If you have injuries meaning you need to swap out exercises for others then its on you to talk to your trainer about what other exercises you can do instead which will still help you get the same results your looking for. It also opens the opportunity door for you to talk to your trainer about how to fix your injuries. A lot of people just deal with injury and don’t address them which is detrimental to your physical health long term. Any good trainers that may not have the answers to your injury will direct you to someone who can help you properly thats a professional in the area you will need.

Consistency is key and trusting the process of the program that the trainers design for you.

Remember to have a great week, smile, do things that make you happy and see you soon,


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