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Energetic Exchange

This week I wanted to chat about the importance of energetic exchange and explain to people what it is because its changed the way I look at things in my own life a lot!!

Thanks to the science of quantum physics we know that everything in the universe is made up of waves and vibrating particles and that includes us. Pretty much everything is energy! From Pat’s red dickies to the gym equipment to our phones. Matter is just energy that has been slowed down enough to take form and become visible to us. Money also falls into this category as it is matter.

Money is a unit of energetic exchange. Before money existed people would trade food or shells etc because it held value to them in exchange for something else that held value. This was a trade of energetic exchange which was even and valued.

It is often seen that when someone receives something for FREE they normally don't value it, thats because the exchange of energy isn’t fair or even. Lets say they were given a FREE 8 Week Challenge for the gym and because they didn’t have to pay for it they subconsciously and naturally as a human can approach it as if it means nothing to them because why does it matter its not like I paid for it right?!

Now isn’t it funny when someone pays full price for something… and they get everything they can out of it. Why? Because they value it, they are paying full price for something which is them giving their energetic exchange to the gym and in return they want to get the most out of it.

There needs to be an energetic exchange in everything we do for it to be valued.

You offer free sessions to people for training and you normally get the people who will do a few sessions and leave, why? Because they don’t value you as a trainer, if they did they would stay and they would pay you. Not only that but they won’t put the effort into the sessions or take on your knowledge as seriously as someone who they are paying to train with.

The point of this blog is to encourage people to value what you do and the choices you make. Don’t pay peanuts for a cheap massage and then complain it wasn’t that great. Value anything and everything as you wish to receive it back. Its like anything in life, if you put positive energy into something and receive positive energy back it normally turns out bloody good for you!!

Have a great week, smile, do things that make you happy and see you soon.


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