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Focus on what you can control.

We waste so much time and energy on things we cannot control. The only things we can completely control are the actions we take daily. We cannot control what others do, think or how they treat you. That’s on them.All I focus on is what I can physically do myself and the thoughts I focus on are the ones that are positive and helpful to me.

My goals that I write myself are ones that I have complete control over where I have to action out steps every day to make sure they are completed.

Worry about yourself, your own goals. It sounds selfish but I believe if you focus on yourself. and being the best person you can be, then the closest people around you will benefit.

In a day and age where we compare ourselves to social media icons its important to understand that the images we see are a highlight reel of someones life not their day to day life. As we all have problems and issues but no one wants to post about them. So instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have and what you can do to get what you want.

Once you let go of the control and understand that you are in complete control of yourself the weight of the world will be released. Double down on the things you can control that make you a better person, employee, boss, trainer, dad, mum or whatever it is that you are passionate about.

We need to be less worried about the actions of others and more concerned about what actions we are taking every day.

At the end of each day you control:

Who you spend your time with

Where you work

What you eat

How much you train

How much you sleep

What you do with your spare time

These are the areas you need to focus on. All of the above is what you can control.

There are things in life that can happen that you just have no control over. It can be as small as the delivery didn’t come on time or as big as a tragedy that may strike your family but if you can’t control it then there is no point trying to change it. If it’s a problem focus on the solution and take steps towards that.

Something that I continually have to remind myself is:

- Depression comes from the past

- Anxiety comes from the future

- Be present in the now and focus on the steps I can take right now.

What I take out of that its that I cant change my past as much as I want to it wont happen. I cant predict or control the future but I can take steps today to give myself every opportunity I can to give myself the best future possible for myself and my family.

Focus on you, your daily actions and the person you are to everyone else and life becomes a lot simpler and easier.

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