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Be Positive.

People underestimate the power of having a positive mindset. I learnt a very powerful but simply tool from mind coach John Novak, who has worked with everyone from individual athletes, business corporations, NRL teams and people suffering from mental health issues. He taught me about the “boomerang effect”. Put simply “ what you put out you get back”.

I believe you naturally attract the type of person you are. So if you are a negative person who is the first to say “that is just my luck” or “trust that to happen to me”, chances are something bad will happen to you because you are on the lookout for it, and see the negative in any situation. You will also attract like minded people who join you in dragging their knuckles through each day. These people generally have an excuse for everything as well, “I cant get to the gym, I don’t have enough time” or “that’s just my genetics” (we all have different genetics, strengths and weaknesses but its about finding what it the optimal version of you — that’s for another blog). But these excuses only make that person feel better about themselves as it gives them an easy out to not have to put in the hard work. If you are always surrounded by these people it is draining and gets you nowhere, and if you are one of these people you feel like you are stuck in the mud of life. Pessimistic people never seem to really go anywhere, although they get up, go to work, and its almost like they are merely trying to survive each day with the least resistance possible. Heaven forbid a drama arise and tough times are laid out in front of them.

Positive people always seem to be always on the balls of their feet with a real spring in their step. These people are optimistic in most if not all circumstances, always seeing the positive in each situation. With the law of attractions being the force it is, these people are surrounded by like minded individuals. Being positive feels like walking on air, it’s light on the brain and naturally feels good. Time goes by quickly and each and every day has its own excitements. These people generally welcome hard work as thats where they grow, they don’t have the excuse of “ I cant” but rather “I’ll give it a go” and if they fail its not the end of the world its just ANOTHER learning experience. You wont hear these people say “thats just my luck” because people like this don’t believe in luck they believe that you make your own luck.

Now where does the boomerang effect come into play? Well if you are a negative person and have a negative mindset, I believe and so does Johnny Novak that you are much more likely to have a negative outcome. If you paint the picture of a terrible situation before it happens and dwell on it over and over and over again I honestly believe you can turn that thought into reality But there is a flip side to that.

Reverse that thought process and imagine if every situation you had put in front of you that you thought about the best case scenario coming to fruition. Don’t you think the chances of a positive outcome coming to life would be much higher?? All the negative people that just read that rolling their eyes thinking “yeah right, not for me” well to you people you can sit there and enjoy pointing fingers and blaming everyone else around you for your misfortunes and not once looking in the mirror and thinking saying “geez I could make a few changes” that would be too hard to work on yourself, it’s much easier putting the blame on others.

If you are one of the positive people who are always smiling and believing in the best for others, I genuinely believe that you in return you will have a lot more positive experiences throughout your life.

If you’re one of the negative people that wants to make changes and start getting more happiness out of life, it can be done. It only takes practising a few things each and every day. You’re already making huge steps forward because most people who are negative don’t even realise that they are doing the things they are doing. Simple steps to changing your mindset is to start with not getting involved in negative conversations about others, “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all”. Be aware of your negative thoughts and comments about yourself and reverse them or see the positive in each situation, challenge yourself every time you think of something negative try to replace that thought with something positive. I’ll give you an example: I was out running with a group 1 morning and I over heard a runner say “of course I’m getting bitten by a mosquito” now rather than focus on that tiny negative (literally) I thought to myself “how good is this, I’m outside going for a run on a perfect Tuesday morning” thats the difference between our mindsets and it can be that easy to change your mood by just simply replacing the negative thoughts and looking at all the positives. Last of all but probably the most challenging of them all, eliminate the toxic elements in your life that make you are unhappy whether it be. your “friends”, certain foods, drinking alcohol, toxic environments or even sadly sometimes relatives who are draining on your life. If you want the best for yourself, you have to put yourself first and the people who really matter and are close to you will reap the rewards of your new outlook on life.

You and no one else around you wins if you are a miserable person. Everything I mentioned above is in your complete control so there is no excuses to not live the best life possible. If you put out a good energy and you are positive to others you will have more positive outcomes. The Boomerang Effect: What you put out you get back.

So what type of person are you and more importantly what type of person do you want to be?

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