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Band Work for Glutes


I had several people in the last week ask me to talk more about the band work I do with my clients and explain why I do it and the purpose of it all. The funny thing is the guys don’t ever want to do it because it looks like it does nothing but they are who need it most.

The fact is you look at the female and male body make up and this is basically how it is.

Males are naturally strong up top and naturally weaker in the lower body thats why you see all the guys getting around with no legs but massive upper bodies! The females on the other hand are naturally stronger in the legs and weaker in the upper body which makes sense right when you think of what most peoples goals are, there weakness’s are normally in the areas I mentioned.

My point is this is why you see girls doing shit loads of band work because they are bloody good at it and it works. The point of band work for me is to activate the glutes and to turn them on in preparation for the rest of the session. I do this because everyone walking on this earth is predominately quad dominate when they perform squats, lunges and other leg exercises. What this means is even though you are performing a squat it doesn’t necessarily mean your using your glutes, your probably overusing your quads and then getting things like hip flexor tightness which then cause injury and ongoing problems when training.

So for all you males and females out there this is why you see all the AFL, NRL, WAFL, and other professional sports teams using these bands to warm up before their weights sessions and even before games because you want your glutes on and firing so you have balance in your legs and power which comes from your glutes.

That is the primary reason I use the bands but there are a lot more reasons including increasing stability, strengthening around joints like knees and ankles and shoulders plus obviously a lot more. There are heaps of “Rehab” type training you can do with bands which I do use a lot for but the warm up for the glutes you can’t go wrong with. Give it a try and when you feel the burn in the glutes you will know exactly why we use them so much, they are a killer and a bloody good little exercise to do at the gym or at home.

Remember to have a great week, smile, do things that make you happy and see you soon,


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