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Back Yourself.

We are all able to make our own decisions in life. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, we always have a choice. So make the decision and BACK YOURSELF 100%.

A quality I learnt very early in life from my dad was to always back myself. Before heading out to EVERY FOOTY GAME my dad would always tell me the same thing, “Attack the game, BACK YOURSELF and have fun.” He told me this before every game no matter what. But his knowledge wasn’t only related to to rugby league. He would always reassure me when I thought I wasn’t capable of achieving a goal or succeeding at a task by reminding me to simply back myself.

To this day I apply this to every decision I make whether it’s in sport, fitness, business, my personal life, in my relationship with my partner or as a father. Sure I OFTEN fail in those areas by making mistakes BUT for me I think “at least I had a go” and when I understand where I went wrong I dust myself off and continue to back myself by LEARNING from my failures so eventually I succeed.

Often I have chats with successful business owners or elite athletes and the conversation always drifts to the point about how they got to where they are, and a common theme I hear from all of those people is that one of the reasons they are in the position they are is because they “backed their ability”.

Now you don’t become good at something by thinking about how good you could be at business, sport, or being a parent. No — you have to apply action consistently to become good at anything.

Most successful business owners have failed multiple times in other businesses before they became the successful business owner they always wanted to be. They failed time and time again BUT they kept giving it a go and backed themselves knowing that if they persisted eventually they would succeed.

Not one elite athlete has ever MADE IT over night like you always hear. That sports star who came out of nowhere has been training his or her ass off for 10–20 years before they got their moment in the sun. The reason they got the opportunity is because they backed themselves and their ability to succeed. Each one of them would have had set back after set back with injury or other issues which couldn’t be foreseen but no matter how bad things got they always backed themselves.

I hate giving advice about how to be a parent as I believe no new parent actually knows what they’re doing. I didn’t… hell I still don’t. But there is still one thing I believe you should do as a parent and that is back yourself. Every kid is different, just like every adult is different. What works for little Johnny doesn’t work for sassy Sally. No one knows your kids like you do so back your instincts to do what is right. Your morals will guide you.

Now you might be sitting there thinking well I don’t have what it takes to be a business owner, parent, sports star or rock star, but the guide of backing yourself can apply to anything in your day to day life. We are all presented with options and decisions to make everyday. The difference between the average Joe and the elite is their ability to accept failure and move on. They are able to back themselves to take on the challenge expecting to succeed but if they fail they are prepared to continue until they succeed or wear the consequences. So can you.

This relates to our team at Reborn. Often I will know a certain session hasn’t been organised, or a problem comes up that we don’t know what to do, and I will ask Pat what the plan is. He will often say “I’ve got it under control — just back me”, and I don’t ask any further questions, having complete faith that he will get the job done. The same thing works in reverse, and it works like that because we both know that we back ourselves, so if one of us has complete confidence in our ability to do something, the other person doesn’t need to micromanage it, they just need to have full faith that they will get the job done!

I often use a saying which I don’t even know makes sense but it is “I will live and die by my own sword” meaning I am prepared to go after my goal how I believe will be best way to succeed. If I fail thats my fault and I’m cool with that because if I’m giving it 100% and being honest with myself then thats all I can control.

So next time a challenge arises that could benefit your life in some shape or form back yourself. It is something that I will always be so grateful for being taught by my old man since a kid that now I give the same advice to my 2 sons..

If my son says “daddy I cant do it” I always reassure him that “mate you can do anything you want”. I want my sons to grow up believing if they back themselves in life that they can achieve what ever they like and so can you — you just have to back yourself.

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