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My summary of adversity-

Adversity gets a tough wrap but I am grateful for the time I spent dealing with adversity and because of that I'm ready for when it rears its head again. You can't get through life without facing some sort of adversity but your mindset is the reason you get out of it, and can be the difference between benefitting from the experience or not.

I believe that adversity is where greatness is made. It's in the tough times where we find our true selves and whether we are going to fight or take flight. I myself have been in the face of adversity by dealing with addiction, running a failing business, depression and anxiety. These were just the problems that were on the surface but I chose to fight. In retrospect, they were all self made problems that came about because of the poor decisions I made throughout that period of my life. The underlying problem for me was the insecurities of who I was and who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a “super hero” but I couldn't help but act like the “village joker”. I didn't understand why people didn't respect me as a professional until I had lost everything and was left with nothing.

Now in tough situations I always find a positive way to look at it. Knowing that getting through the tough times helps me grow and evolve as tougher and more resilient human.

In the times of loneliness is where I realised that if I wanted to succeed it was up to me and ME ONLY. I had to make the right decisions and make the best decisions that were for me. Every decision that I made, I asked one simple question - “Does this Help or Hinder me" in the goals I want to achieve. It was a simple decision from then as to what decision I make. I struggled but moved forward step by step in what was the toughest time of my life but everyday from dealing with the adversity, that was my past life, I was getting stronger.

In time, I came out of the darkness and got myself to a happy place in business, socially, but most importantly within myself. It might sound strange but what I thank for that is the time I spent under adversity, because if it wasn’t for that painful time I wouldn’t fully enjoy the pleasures of a healthy lifestyle. The insecurities of not being who I wanted to be have disappeared because I'm living a life that reflects my personal values and morals. I practise what I preach everyday by being the person people may be inspired to be like.

Without my time under adversity I wouldn't be the man I am today. I wouldn't be as strong as I am and I wouldn't be in the position I am in. Recently I celebrated 2 and a half years sober which is a huge milestone as only 2% of addicts last over 2 years, even less addicts last that long with only having 1 month of in-patient rehab. If it wasn’t for this time I believe my life would be mediocre and I would be content with SURVIVING with life but due to tough times I am determined to THRIVE through life. Without the adversity I would not get to enjoy the pleasures of true happiness, succeeding after tough challenges or pushing my mind and body to limits that were thought to be impossible.


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